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I’m grateful for the wonderful clients I work with. Below are some of their kind words. Feel free to check out & support their businesses.

From Overwhelmed to a Solid Plan

Before I went to Ciara I was confused about how to take all of my ideas regarding a change of career and make them work. I was feeling overwhelmed and at times a little helpless. Through working with Ciara, I realised in the first session that I had judgements around money and my own abundance which we worked through with positive exercises.

As a result of the coaching, I now have a solid ten year plan that is achievable and not at all overwhelming and very abundant. I am already seeing magic unfold in my life with an increase in my yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions! I found working with Ciara life-changing and I would recommend a life-coaching session with her each and every time you are at a crossroads in your life.

Suzanne Hogan, Synergy and Light Yoga and Alternative Therapies, Athlone, Ireland

suzi 2

Started my Business

I would like to talk about the powerful coaching experiences I have had since starting sessions 4 months ago. When we had our first session I knew where I wanted to go in business but didn’t know where to start. My head was spinning with so many ideas of things but I didn’t know which to do first and I was crippled with fear.

Ciara helped me realise all the skills I have that I’d forgotten about. This gave me so much confidence. We did out a plan together where I decided step-by-step what I’d do in 2020 to get started. I immediately started my instagram business page and advertised my first vision board workshop. I then completed my training as a Reiki Practitioner and set up my practice. I am also due to qualify as a Life Coach soon. My wellness business has become a reality!

Deciding to work with Ciara has been life changing for me. I would 100% recommend Ciara…in fact, I would shout it from the rooftops. She is a power house and one person to be admired in her impactful work.

Lydia Clery, Neurocoach, Neuroscience Life & Executive Coach, @lydiaclery.neurocoach

Amazing Techie Skills

Ciara is a real gift to Holistic Therapists. She has an easy-going approach along with a wealth of knowledge and amazing techie skills which give her a unique ability to guide and help you work through whatever obstacles you may be encountering. Ciara has introduced me to so many tools to help grow my business and I am very grateful for all her support and would highly recommend booking a session with her, she is one special lady.

Sinead O’Sullivan, Holistic Therapist, Kildare,

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

I had my first session with Ciara today and I’m totally blown away. I was struggling to see the wood for the trees – going around in circles and just totally stuck in my own head. Ciara was friendly, warm, supportive and encouraging in her approach and managed, somehow, to give me real clarity; clarity in my client journey, clarity for my website, clarity in my service offer and clarity in what specifically was holding me back. I wish I’d found her months ago. If you’re looking for a fabulously insightful coach with warmth, integrity and sincerity, then look no further. Thank you, Ciara, for all of your help.

Sarah Coulson, Therapist & Women’s Health Coach- Endometriosis Specialist, Halcyon

sarah c

There was no speak of leads, funnels or all that lingo I run a mile from

I had been working with some clients and delivering workshops pre lockdown but I got sidetracked with other work. Then I wanted to get my business back up and running. I really hadn’t sat down and really looked at my message, was clear of my service or how to communicate it. I had a website that was years out of date.
I had a package of one to one online sessions. With Ciara, we dug deep into my message and structure of how I wanted to communicate it, which resulted in my website and better visibility on social media. The sessions with Ciara were excellent. It is important to me to have a coach that is intuitive and Ciara is highly intuitive and could identify when the session needed to be steered in a different direction. Ciara could hold the space for resistance and also then guided and gently encouraged and helped me to acknowledge my capacities and what I already had achieved. Ciara had so much patience and was honest to call out when I may have been in avoidance. Ciara did not push her own agenda and worked with integrity, there was no speak of leads, funnels or all that lingo I run a mile from. I always walked away with a plan of action and support between sessions. As a result, I have a website that really reflects my work, I have written blogs with Ciara’s encouragement and have new corporate and individual clients.

Teresa O’Brien, Life Coach and Healer

My True Calling

I booked a coaching package with Ciara and it has been a real blessing: I just finished my final session and I can only highly recommend Ciara’s skills! She is an extremely nice person with a lovely soul who just knows how to guide you where you really need and want to be. Thanks to Ciara’s coaching, I managed to find and start working towards my true calling. Thank you very much Ciara, keep spreading the good coaching vibes. I wish you all the very best! X

Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium,

nadija b

Helps make everything feel more manageable and achievable

Can’t recommend this lady highly enough. I’ve worked with a few mentors , some I found overwhelming, Ciara’s pace will match your own. I love how she breaks things down and helps makes everything feel more manageable and achievable. A monthly check in with Ciara would do wonders for your business. Do you and your business the greatest act of self care and work with Ciara, you’ll be so glad to lift off some of that load and have Ciara as your mentor/ support – having her on your team is a recipe for success. 100% worth the investment, she walks her talk and is top quality.

Anne Marie Hynes, Music for Families, Athlone

Already attracted more new clients!

I’ve worked with Ciara twice so far and each time it’s been such a pleasure and an uplifting experience!

The first time I was looking for help with clarity on what my ideal customers were. I felt like I was going in circles talking to everybody yet talking to nobody. Ciara immediately tuned into what I needed and helped me create a clear picture of my ideal customers. She talked me through what a sales page for my niche customers should look like and with this knowledge I was able to create new content for my website, which has already attracted more new clients.

The second time Ciara helped me with simplifying of my own coaching practice and flow of my daily activities. It was like a weight shifted of my shoulders and I got new wind in my sails. I’m already planning on automating a lot of my admin activities which is going to save me so much time, time I can invest back into my clients!

I love Ciara’s intuitive approach and genuine desire to understand where you are at. She is so compassionate yet highly professional and you’ll leave your session with clear and actionable steps to make progress in your business. Can’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much Ciara for all your help.

Lenka Govender, Plant-Based Nutritionist Dublin,

I identified my niche

Working with Ciara was not only a great pleasure, but also insightful and very helpful. The main outcomes of working with Ciara for me are identifying my niche and updating my website content.

There are many things I loved about working with Ciara: – she really listens to her clients and allows them to take the lead; – responds in detail to questions and gives plenty of resources which she lists on a shared document as a take-away from the sessions so that the client can stay on track – you don’t need to take notes; – she is very knowledgeable in various areas of business; – she is personable and very pleasant to work with and makes you feel really at ease, which is so important in the area of business coaching.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ciara as a business coach. She will help you with any questions you may have and really expand your knowledge. She will guide and aid you in finding a direction, but will also allow you to take the lead and really listen to your needs. She will be able to identify areas that might need revision in your business, such as your website content or zoning in on your market. It is also a real pleasure working with Ciara.

Joanna Bartosz-Donohoe, Founder and Teacher at Anglica language School, Mullingar

Numerous online tools to start my website and booking system

Firstly, I’d like to say what a pleasure it was to work with Ciara. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and I got massive benefits from them.

Before I began working with Ciara, I was at the beginning of my business journey. I was unsure of what direction I was going as I had so many ideas. I had never worked with a business coach before and I was delighted when I got the opportunity to work with Ciara through the Local Enterprise Office.

Ciara helped me to define my niche and that has given me great scope moving forward. I now know the direction I want to go in with my business and I’m very excited for the future. Ciara also provided me with numerous online tools to start my website, social media profiles and booking systems etc. Ciara is very knowledgeable when it comes to technology to support your business online, which is vital nowadays.

I’d highly recommend Ciara to anyone starting off a business in the holistic sector. Ciara has a massive passion for this sector and she would be a huge benefit to you and your business. Thanks again for all your support Ciara and I wish you all the best for the future.

Anthony Allen, Career Change Coach, @anthonyallencoaching

She makes it easy

Ciara brings together a world of lived experience, human kindness and professionalism.

I love how relatable her examples and suggestions are and how she makes it easy to apply action steps that relate to the current stage of your business.

If you want to work with someone who truly cares and keeps things simple and real, I highly recommend connecting with her!

Jennifer Van Uffelen, Wellbeing Coach, Facilitator & Holistic Practitioner,

A Structured Approach with Intuitive Flow

Before I met Ciara, I felt I needed some help/direction with all the ideas I had as to what direction my new business venture would take. I had quit my corporate job (of over 30 years!) just 9 months previous, had participated in a number of courses in areas I liked but was struggling with how to pull it all together. Further, I had no experience whatsoever about setting up a business with coaching as its core activity and fortunately found Ciara from a Google search on Holistic coaches.

I have just completed 4 months working with Ciara, and I have to say the outcome of our time together has been hugely productive, and helped me formulate the structure of my company and the overall direction to take. During this process, Ciara also helped me further clarify my overall Spiritual Vision and Mission to the point where now I feel I can proceed with setting up in business, as this was one of the blocks I had.

I just loved working with Ciara and will continue to have a coaching arrangement as my company goes through the start-up phase. Ciara achieves a great balance between having a structured approach to her coaching and intuitively allowing each session to flow naturally. We all know that unless you ask the right question, you’ll never get the right answer – Ciara has a knack for asking the right question at precisely the right time – again demonstrating her intuitive approach. As a result, I achieved a number of insights that I did not expect or was consciously looking for. Ciara is authentic, holistic and empathic, and someone who is very easy to resonate with. Thus, I would highly recommend Ciara to anyone that needs professional coaching in starting a business or indeed clarity with any of life’s challenges. You will definitely not regret it. Thank you Ciara!

Danny Griffin, Rapid Transformation Therapist (RTT), Mayo

So supportive

Ciara is an excellent business mentor, so encouraging and genuine and very helpful and generous with her time! She helped me niche down my business and was so supportive with everything when working with her!

Brid Brady, The Transformation Facilitator, Co. Limerick

Recognising blind spots

I’ve done a few coaching sessions now with Ciara and I can honestly say I’ve walked away from every session feeling lighter and having far more clarity in my life. Ciara is a fantastic coach who has such a calm, relaxing demeanour and has an innate ability to create a safe space where you really feel heard and seen. It’s such a non judgemental space, but yet Ciara is exceptional sharp and perceptive. She is able to recognise the blind spots that might be holding you back and call them to light as they are, with a sense of curiosity and wonder. This has helped me reframe my own thoughts on anything I have been stuck with. Ciara has helped me with career choices and also in my own personal coaching business and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Ciara and I’ll look forward to working with you in the future.

Máire McCabe, Life Coach & Reflexologist, @coach_for_change


Tough Decisions

Ciara is a fantastic coach. She worked with me through several tough decisions and I have made amazing progress since then! Ciara is warm and encouraging and asks all the right questions to encourage you to achieve your goals. After our sessions I was amazed to have a new outlook on my goals and felt much more able to achieve them.

Rena Sinnott, Mindset Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, Wexford, Ireland @itsrenakristina

rena 2

Ability to Listen, Interpret & Give Feedback

Before I started working with Ciara, I was overwhelmed by my attempts to figure out the right niche for my business. I had come up with many potential target market groups but not making a decision on one was thwarting my progress. Ciara’s ability to listen, interpret and give feedback on my specific challenge really blew me away. It gave me new insight in order to overcome the challenge & it confirmed for me how beneficial the work of a Life Coach like Ciara is.

Sarah Hearty, Hearty Humans, Public Speaking and Communications Coach, Galway, Ireland


A Sense of Trust & Ease

I reached out to Ciara and worked with her over the last number of months as I found I had taken on 101 things and felt I had bit off more than I could chew. Ciara helped me organise and prioritise what I needed to do before my imminent maternity leave, meaning I finished each call with a new sense of trust and ease that all would get done and much more focused on what I needed to do at that given time. Ciara also offered me a space to reflect, hear my own voice, sit with myself and the shadow parts I had been avoiding that were showing up in my personal and professional life. Ciara’s holistic approach was exactly what I needed as my business is an extension of me and my life. I already look forward to reconnecting with her when I plan to return back after maternity leave.

Sinéad Keane, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Limerick, Ireland

Sinead Keane Wellness

All while being true to yourself

Before I joined the Holistic Business Collective, I was really struggling with lack of connection with like minded people with holistic businesses. Being self employed can be lonely and add in lockdowns due to Covid 19 and its very hard to network and connect.  I loved connecting, chatting about highs and lows and brainstorming .  I gained a fresh perspective from each member and found space to think of my own goals.   I have been lucky enough to have been coached by Ciara privately too and I would 100% recommend working with her . She is warm, kind and so helpful, she leaves space for you to find what your true goals are, set achievable targets all while being true to yourself. She has helped me find confidence in myself, she has helped me untangle alot of worries that were limiting my abilities to move forward in my business. Her heart centred approach was exactly what I needed ,not only did I get results, it has changed the way I think of my business too .   I am so thankful I have worked with her and will continue to in future too.

Lorraine, MPowerMe Mindfulness, @mpowermemindfulness


How to Approach Setting Up My Own Business

Ciara’s Holistic Business Collective gave me so much insight and ideas as to how to approach setting up my own business. It also provided me a safe, open space to explore and share my own thoughts with individuals who are driven by curiosity.

Ciara herself is an amazing coach with a wealth of both practical business experience and holistic practices. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who is looking to venture into the world of holistic practice, business or just day-to-day life balance.

Dave Byrne, Life Coach


I got my side business out in the universe this week!!

I wanted to take the time and reach out to you to let you know that I got my side business out in the universe this week!! Couldn’t be more excited!!

The consultation I had with you was CRUCIAL for me, it really helped  me see the pathway I had to follow to take my idea out of the invisible world and into the concrete world. The action plan you helped me come up with, guided me on every step of the way from the conception to the launch. I am still at the start, but I can already feel great things happening in the future and I am deeply grateful for your guidance. I’m positive we will speak again as my business grows and evolves. Namaste and thank you so much!!

Ana Monteiro, Holistic Career Mentoring, Achieving Empowerment, Dublin

I know where I’m going…

Working with Ciara gave me the time and space I needed to gain clarity in my life in relation to my goals, passions and values.

It was a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space, that gave me the opportunity to focus on myself, my hopes, dreams and the future I want to create, taking into account my values, skills and qualities.

Working with Ciara has changed the way I view my future.  I have a plan, I know where I’m going and I’m comfortable knowing that while there might be bumps along the road, I can, and I will get there! I would recommend Ciara to anyone that needs some clarity, encouragement and support when looking to their future.

Moira, Reflexologist & Teacher


My Core Values & Priorities

Before joining the Holistic Collective, I didn’t make regular time to start the week with a plan and to reflect on aligning the activities I put in my diary for the week with my core values and my priorities, both in personal life and in business.

I’ve learned to make space for that now and since then my weeks have flowed more organically and I felt more centered.

It has been a great opportunity to meet with like-minded entrepreneurs, a different kind of networking altogether, more genuine and authentic.

Donatella Porceddu, Psychologist and Eating Coach. Owner at

Clear Strategies

I followed my hunch and signed up for Ciara’s Holistic Business Collective. I can honestly say, it’s the best thing I did this year for my business. Ciara understands exactly what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in this field. She knows the barriers and gives clear strategies each week on how to cut through them. Knowing her craft well, she personalises each topic and deeply cares about your success. Ciara is a compassionate and focused coach, who leads with passion and integrity. 

Sharon Lynch, Body Mind Movement, Kids Mindfulness Teacher, Galway.

Overcame Fears

Ciara is one in a million. Ciara has a deep intuitive way of creating the perfect coaching space, in which transformation can happen. In my coaching sessions with Ciara I have learned things about myself I was not aware of and I have also been able to face and overcome some fears and limiting believes. If you are looking for some clarity in your life, Ciara is the perfect coach to help

Esther Fernández, Presence Coach, Navan, Co. Meath,

esther 2

Several big “aha moments”

In our coaching sessions together, Ciara facilitated me in having a major breakthrough as well as several big ‘aha moments’. I had been so held back by something I didn’t even realise was an issue for me and through her excellent listening skills she enabled me to identify this block. 

For as long as I remember I had these unknown limiting beliefs that I had never challenged and which were preventing me from progressing as I wanted to. Ciara helped me reframe these beliefs and now I see the parts of myself that I thought were weak as being gifts and strengths. 

Ciara is such an empathic person and I could really feel that she truly cared about helping me achieve my goals. She is intuitive and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve their goals in a holistic way.  

Molly, Galway


A Highly Motivated, Professional & Empathic Coach

Greater enthusiasm & clarity, more focus and a structured, supportive weekly time slot were some of the benefits I gained from joining the Holistic Business Collective.  It was excellent value for money.  Ciara is a highly motivated, professional and empathetic coach.  She is genuine, caring & encouraging.  She shares very generously and teaches what she has already achieved herself in setting up & running her own business.  She draws on her extensive experience, skill sets and training to help others.  She asks insightful, sometimes challenging, questions which facilitate creative solutions.    I highly recommend Ciara.    

Enda Ó Catháin, Ireland

Ciara is a Wealth of Knowledge

When I joined Ciara’s Collective, I had just started my business and everything was daunting and new to me, I felt so much fear around all the decisions I had to make. By being part of this group i met so many people at a similar stage, feeling the same way, so this gave me huge comfort and confidence to know that everyone who becomes successful has to go through this. Ciara is a wealth of knowledge from the practical how to’s, like setting up a website, how to get the most from social media, creating a email signature and much more. As a coach she is compassionate, calm, reassuring and guides you through your fears with ease, she can hold space for you and all your emotions, and I am stronger and more confident since attending this group. To top it off, I have made many friends including Ciara, who support me and who I support. I highly recommend Ciara, so book a session, you won’t regret it.    

Fiona, Life Coach, Monaghan

desk entrepreneur working from home

Inspiring Confidence

I would most definitely recommend Ciara as a coach. She is encouraging, positive and motivating whilst by no means being pushy or invasive. She helped to guide me to set out clear, focused and attainable goals, aswell as inspiring confidence in myself that I can achieve this. I had been spinning my wheels and going in circles before working with Ciara, but since gaining clarity & really working on my confidence, I’ve made so much progress.

Caroline, Nutritionist, Co. Cork