Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs in Ireland start & grow their Holistic Business

With Alignment & Authenticity

Inner Work + Outer Action = Aligned Success & Fulfilment

(P.S. All your answers are within you and your path is unique to YOU)

Hello! I’m Ciara and I’m a Holistic Life & Business Coach who is passionate about empowering spiritual people to use their gifts & follow their intuition to create the life & business that fills their soul.

There is so much noise & conflicting info on the internet with “10 Steps to Biz Success”…. like an IKEA instruction manual of action steps.

But what about our humanness, our fears, our real life stuff, our set backs? FACT: The outer action cannot be taken in our business without the deep inner work being done.

All the learning, the challenges, the self-awareness and the growth ARE the work that makes our business be an expression of our essence.

And I’m here to help you evolve beyond the battling between: Fear, overwhelm, overthinking and self-doubt and your intuitive knowing, your desire to help others, your courage to grow & learn.

I will help you create ease, alignment, fulfilment & purpose in your life and business (because that is what success is). My work combines my deep respect for your intuition as your inner compass and my nerdy tech/ teacher gifts to empower heart-centred business owners (or wannabe owners) like you start & grow their holistic business.

There are 2 ways to work with me: One-to-one coaching & The Holistic Business Collective Membership Community

2 Ways to Work with Me

The Holistic Business Collective Ireland

A membership community for mindset, momentum & connection.

1-to-1 Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching

Heart-centred life and business coaching for spiritual people.