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Helping you to Start & Grow your Holistic Business in Ireland

Mentoring, Courses & Web Design


Teaching Experience


Coaching Experience


  • I work with spiritual people- coaches, healers, bodyworkers, therapists, yoga teachers, mindfulness teachers.
  • I support people in years 0-3 of their business
  • The Instagram dream vs the actual reality!
  • I can help you with: Inner foundations, business foundations, working with clients, personal branding, niche & offering, professional online presence, marketing & visibility, tech solutions.
  • Are you doing “all the things” but not getting any clients? I explain my framework for understanding why that might be happening
  • My holistic approach- the person and the business
  • Single sessions or 3-6 month packages
  • Free sessions available through the Local Enterprise Office in 5 counties.
  • Client session examples
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Start Your Holistic Business Course

  • January 2022
  • Everything you need to start your business: legalities, getting organised and productive, deciding on a niche, market research, creating a professional online presence, building our own website (step-by-step), what to actually write on a website, creating your offer, onboarding clients, contracts, pricing, getting your first clients, marketing on and off social media and more.
  • Templates for everything you need, clear concise lessons and group support with like-minded people.

Free Support

  • Weekly Free Community Support Call
  • Supports from the Irish Government for small businesses
  • Business Video Playlists
  • Life Video Playlists
  • Blog
  • Book Recommendations
  • Tech & tools I recommend
  • Holistic Practitioners I recommend
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About Ciara

  • My Story
  • Professional Background & Qualifications
  • Accrediting bodies
  • Behind the Scenes
  • My Values
  • Ethical Business Values

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Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring

Start Your Holistic Business Course

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