Start your Holistic Business Courses in 2021

The intention of the courses that I will offer is to enable newly qualified holistic therapists and coaches to learn all things business. Most holistic practitioners I meet have amazing healing and wellness to bring to the world, but don’t know HOW. My mission is to teach all that I’ve learned to empower these people to do what is so needed in our world.

Each of the individual courses listed below will be approximately 3 hours of video content:

  1. Get Organised and Structured
  2. Get Legal and Financially Organised
  3. Get a Professional Web Presence
  4. Clarify your Ideal Client, Niche and Package
  5. Establish your Business Model
  6. Set up your Email List and Create your Freebie
  7. Run your first zoom Course and self-led Online Course
  8. Build your own WordPress Website
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Non-Social Media Marketing

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Ciara is one in a million. She has a deep intuitive way of creating the perfect coaching space, in which transformation can happen. In my 4 coaching sessions with Ciara I have learned things about myself I was not aware of and I have also been able to face and overcome some fears and limiting beliefs.
Esther Fernández, Meath
Presence Coach

My True Calling

Ciara is an extremely nice person with a lovely soul who just knows how to guide you where you really need and want to be. Thanks to Ciara’s coaching, I managed to find and start working towards my true calling. Thank you very much Ciara, keep spreading the good coaching vibes. I wish you all the very best! X
Nadija Bajrami, Dublin
Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium @nadija.bajrami

Started my Business

I have been to so many seminars, workshops and personal development courses, but the impact Ciara has had on my life with my business and personal development has been immeasurable. The results I have gotten in just 4 months are out of this world. I started my business instagram & advertised my first workshop after only 2 sessions with Ciara.
Laura, Co. Offaly
Wellness Coach


 It is simply amazing the amount of change that I experienced with just a few sessions. I gained more focus, drive and positive results in my professional and personal life. And my productivity has gone up the roof!  The sessions are enjoyable but Ciara makes sure that the aims and outcomes are clear and she is very clear in properly formulating aims and objectives. She also follows up on past sessions so that good habits are reinforced.
Fabio, Dublin
Employee & Martial Artist

Getting Unstuck

Before I started working with Ciara, I was overwhelmed by my attempts to figure out the right niche for my business. I had come up with many potential target market groups but not making a decision on one was thwarting my progress. Ciara’s ability to listen, interpret and give feedback on my specific challenge really blew me away. It gave me new insight in order to overcome the challenge & it confirmed for me how beneficial the work of a Life Coach like Ciara is
Sarah Hearty, Co. Galway
Public Speaking and Communications Coach

Ciara “got me”

I’ve had a few different coaches now at this point but to be perfectly honest, nobody “got me” as much as I felt Ciara did. She is so warm, calm and approachable and I felt at ease straight away with her. She is extremely perceptive at reading people, proactive at helping you come up with solutions. She shone a torch on what was going on in my mind that I hadn’t been able to quite figure out myself. I highly recommend Ciara as a coach. Quite frankly, I won’t be going to anyone else for any more coaching sessions!
Máire Walshe
Nurse & Life Coach