Fear whilst doing new things

Here’s a nice visual insight for the next time you’re doing something new and are full of fear. When you feel fear in your body, think of it as the flames of the old you being burnt away to make room for who you truly are to emerge.⠀

Old beliefs about yourself, old habit patterns, old limits are being burnt internally as you do something you’ve never done before.⠀

Normalise feeling fear in your system and rather than feeling like it is telling you something is wrong, observe it objectively and start to associate it with death of an old version and birth into a new version (kind of like when your phone overheats whilst upgrading the software!)⠀

Start to celebrate feeling the fear and doing it anyway. After you’ve done the scary thing 10 times, it’ll become no big deal. ⠀

What scary/ uncomfortable things are you moving towards doing even whilst feeling the fear? For me, I’m making some youtube videos!