A Content Creation tip for Overthinkers

If you find yourself overthinking when you go to create content, this tip is for you.

What’s really going on beneath the overthinking?

First it’s important to understand what’s really happening when you go into a spiral of overthinking. Here’s what the pattern looks like 1) you get a great idea that you are excited about 2) You start thinking about different people’s reactions when they read or watch you sharing your idea. Your mind gauges each person’s reaction as you imaging things through. e.g. Your mind will tell you that Person A already knows that- this is below their knowledge level, Person B won’t have a clue what you’re talking about because it’s above their current knowledge level and Person C is your neighbour and won’t be interested. 3) Your mind gets frazzled and decides there’s no point in sharing anything.

As you can see in the above thinking loop, the problem lies in the fact that your mind is trying to figure which level to pitch your idea at and also it’s focusing on all the people who will NOT benefit from hearing what you want to share.

Speak to just one person

My tip today is that you focus on speaking to ONE PERSON. This one person may be someone you’ve been speaking to recently, a client or friend who fits the archetype of your ideal client. It’s someone who is having a challenge with something that you’re quite knowledgeable about. Then create your content with that person in your mind. Speak directly to them.

What’s happening energetically?

Another way to think about this is from an energetic point of view. When you’re overthinking, your head feels hot. This is because all your attention is in your mind and it’s generally thinking about yourself (what will they think of me?). What you need to do instead is to bring this focus/ attention down into your body and into your heart while you tune into thinking about serving another human. Can you feel the difference as you read this?

Speak to one person, with the intention of saying something that is of value to that one person. The energy of overthinking is worrying about ourselves. The energy of serving is thinking about others.

Your everyday life will give you endless ideas for content creation

The fun thing is that every conversation you have with clients/ ideal clients will provide you with ideas for what to create content about. Make sure you capture those ideas somewhere for when the inspiration comes so you start to build a bank of ideas for what to create about. Then when you sit down to write or record, you are not starting from scratch. I record my content ideas in Trello and I write the name of the person I’m speaking to on each note.

What if I don’t know my niche or ideal client?

If you’re not sure exactly who you’re speaking to, niche is something to explore. You don’t have to have your niche “perfect” to start creating and expressing. In fact, quite the opposite. As you start to express, your key message and passion will emerge. So give it a go. Think of someone you’ve spoken to recently and say something that would be helpful to them. Get out of your head and into your heart, into service. Content creation can feel uncomfortable and scary, but so is the frustration of staying stuck and dying with your music still in you! So, you might as well give it a go. I know you have something valuable to say.. we all do.

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