The Start your Holistic Business Course

A 12-Week comprehensive course guiding you through everything you need to start your holistic business

Lessons, templates, accountability, feedback, community

The Benefits of 1:1 Mentoring

  • Saves Time:
    • In working with a mentor, you will figure the most effective way for you to move towards your version of a successful business. Your business will move forward faster and with more ease.
    • Instead of spending hours attending webinars, watching YouTube videos and fumbling around in the dark, you’ll know what to do step-by-step so things will happen more quickly for you.
  • Time is Money:
    • Working with a mentor costs money, but it can also speed up the process of getting you working with clients and earning money sooner than later.
    • Furthermore, it can save you from wasting money buying things you don’t need.
    • It’s faster than trying to piece together all the bits of information by yourself
  • Increases Clarity & Confidence:
    • By having a space to talk through your ideas to untangle the jumbled thoughts into clear and concise actions, you will feel more ease and confidence in moving forward in your business.
    • You will also gain from being able to ask questions and hear ideas about how other clients have approached similar things.
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Here’s what I can help you with:

Inner Foundations

  • Connect with your bigger picture, your mission, your why, your message. Ensure your business aligns with the lifestyle & impact you want.
  • Mindset work to manage fear & self-doubt and start believing in yourself & your business
  • Identifying which business model is best for YOU

Business Foundations

  • Register your business
  • Track your finances
  • Track your metrics
  • Schedule your time
  • Manage your energy especially if you are highly sensitive or an introvert
  • Manage your To-Do List
  • Uncover your best way to be productive

Working with Clients

  • Format for Enquiry Calls
  • Procedures for onboarding new clients
  • Client booking system
  • Client payment options
  • Creating a package/ programme
  • Format of and procedure for asking for testimonials

Personal Branding

  • Uncover what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd
  • Visually communicate your essence through your colours, images & brand voice
  • Creating your own Logo, colour palette
  • Plan your photoshoot

Niche & Offering

  • Truly knowing your ideal client based on data you gather from interviewing people (format given)
  • People buy solutions to problems. Which problems is your service a solution for? Perhaps you are trained in many modalities & solve many problems. We work together to articulate your service in a clear & impactful way

Online Presence

  • Creating your first website- DIY low-cost options
  • Customised email address e.g.
  • Optimising your social media presence to be professional and effective
  • An-inside out approach: Which is the best way for YOU to show up online- writing, speaking, video?
  • Getting listed in networks where you ideal client can find you- pathways to your business

Marketing & Visibility

  • No it’s not all about social media & posting everyday! It’s about building relationships.
  • Through knowing your ideal client, you will know: which social media platform to use, which publications to be featured in, who to collaborate with, you will know which free talks/ events/ mini-offerings you can run to create natural word of mouth & referrals for your business.

Tech Solutions 

  • Set up a mailing list
  • Set up a customised email address
  • Build your own website
  • Tech for teaching an online course
  • Create nice graphics and marketing materials
  • Information management systems
  • … and probably other things too!


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My Main Skills as a Mentor

Bigger Picture Overview of Options

360 view

Organising & Clarifying your Ideas

word document graphic

Words & Communicating your Message to your Clients

speech bubble

Are you doing “all the things” but not getting clients?

… Maybe you haven’t done the deep work of Winter or Spring

Winter- Deep Roots- Inner Foundations: Winter is a time of deep inner work, reflection and awareness. Our focus here is around forming your vision for your lifestyle and business, connecting with your mission, your values, your message you want to share with the world. We will then put your project ideas into order (courses, workshops, digital products, 1-to-1 offerings, all the ideas!!) and choose which part of your business to focus on and accelerate first.

tree roots foundations of business

Spring- Strong Trunk- Business Structure: We get clarity on who you serve, which problem(s) you solve and we create a solution that your ideal clients will love. We do this be researching your ideal client, conducting interviews and validating your ideas with facts. We work on the wording, we choose the price point and the features of the service you offer. We work to communicate your unique brand and essence and we prepare a professional online presence for clients to find you.

tree business foundations

Summer- Branches of Visibility: During Summer, we tell people about your amazing offer. There are so many ways to “advertise” your services (social media, YouTube, ads, networking, posters, events, talks, podcasts, blogging, collaborations, webinars etc). How to choose the most effective way for your business to be visible online? If you’ve done your deep dive work in understanding your ideal client, you will know exactly which platforms your ideal client spends time on & you’ll work to build relationships with ideal clients there. We will also ensure that a flow of new eyes are seeing you too (traffic) and that there’s a clear path for them to check you out and work with you (conversion). I can also teach you all things tech and help with your confidence around visibility during this phase too.

tree business foundations leaves

Autumn-Harvesting before the Next Cycle : Autumn is when you are enjoying the harvest of all the work you have done. You are serving clients and things are going smoothly. You know that you’re now ready to start another offering or part of your business. Perhaps you’ve been working 1:1 and would like to start your group programme or a course. Autumn is the time to harvest the experience and knowledge you’ve gained from one cycle before moving forward into the next cycle.

I work best with people in Winter and Spring

Most people come to me thinking they need help with the Summer season (a.k.a. I need clients right now). But they haven’t done the Winter or Spring work which means they don’t know their niche, their offer isn’t clear or validated, there isn’t a clear path to work with them and so they end up just making noise online and nothing converts.

Therefore, my work is centred around building the solid foundations of Winter and Spring and creating a strong offer to bring forward to Summer.

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My Holistic Approach is a blend of Coaching & Mentoring

  • Your Answers Are Within You: My approach is to combine coaching and mentoring. In coaching, I ask you questions and to truly hear you. I facilitate you getting insights. I combine coaching with mentoring so you also benefit from my experience and knowledge. I offer you ideas, perspectives and options to fill in the practical gaps to empower you.
  • An Inside-Out Approach to Business Model: Instead of trying to fit into a business model that some guru recommends, I believe we should build our business from the inside out- listening to our inner guidance for our mission and using our natural gifts for how best to bring this forth.
  • Business is an Opportunity for Personal Development: I believe entrepreneurship is a great opportunity to grow by trying new things, to practice moving through fear in a practical way, to develop shadow parts of yourself to become a more rounded person. It’s an opportunity to grow in self-awareness and develop your relationship with yourself and with life. When viewed through this lens, the challenges we face in our business become opportunities to grow and learn.
  • We need to Honour our Nervous System in Business: There’s a fine line between growth opportunities and overwhelming your nervous system. I believe we need to take very good care of ourselves along this path and develop positive habits around energy management and self-care as business-owners.
  • No Sleazy or Unethical Tactics: There are a lot of marketing tactics that are quite simply unethical and that is why our impression of marketing is that it is “selling your soul”. I do not support or advocate these tactics. I teach heart-centred (&very effective!) ways of business and marketing. Please read more here.

How we can work together

Single Session
Business Mentoring

4-Month Holistic Business
Acceleration Mentoring

Single Session Business Mentoring

  • Single sessions can be handy for when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed and want to get some clarity to move forward. Single sessions give you to option to work together on a casual basis.
  • What you get:
    • 2 hour zoom session. Sessions can be recorded.
    • Actionable steps and notes from our session
    • Relevant resources I think will be helpful to you
  • Note:
    • These sessions do not include follow up accountability or support. If you would like that, you might like to consider booking the 4-month business acceleration mentoring.
  • After booking your session, you will get an automatic email asking you to send me some details about what you’d like to focus on in our session. This will help me prepare.
  • Price: €150
  • If this is outside your price-range, please see my free support page
single session business mentoring

4-Month Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring

Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring is a container of support and growth for 4 months.

Because let’s be realGrowth, change and progress take time. This container provides a time and space for you to move through blocks, overcome resistance and take real practical steps in your right direction. You will be amazed at the progress you can make within a held space.

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What to Expect

  • In our enquiry call, we identify and list your specific desired outcomes for working together.
  • Generally, as per my seasons framework above, there will be elements of both personal productivity and confidence along with forming clear foundations of your business. Overall, the aim is usually to support you in the short-term to work with more clients whilst simultaneously ironing out various elements of your business to run smoothly in the future.
  • During the mentoring sessions, we work on the specific areas you identified wanting to focus on. From each session, you will feel lighter and clearer about how to move forward and you will have actionable steps to take between sessions.
  • Another aspect of working together over a period of time is that the psychological safety of relationship, a space to verbalise and be witnessed allows you to become more self-aware of your strengths, your challenges, limiting beliefs, your self-sabotage patterns of behaviour, your deeper mission, your big aspirations. It seems that by untangling your ideas and underlying resistance, you create space for your inner guidance to be heard loud and clear and from there very powerful tings can happen.
  • Between sessions, your growth and progress will continue as you work through the actionable steps we set during our calls. You will never stay stuck as you have access to me via WhatsApp voice notes and email in the case of wobbles or things you’re not sure of.
  • Practical Accountability and Goal Setting: Each Monday, I send you a voice note to check-in. I will remind you of your goals, ask you to reflect on your wins & challenges from the week gone by, ask you your plan for the week ahead. I will also ask you if you need any support or if I hear anything you seem to need support with and have an appropriate resource in mind, I’ll send it to you.
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What you get within the 4-Month Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring

  • A Personalised Curriculum
    • We have a shared document for all your notes so you can always refer to it. Think of it as a personalised curriculum.
    • Actionable steps from each session
    • Relevant resources I think will be helpful to you
  • Resources & Templates
    • Access to the resources and templates I’ve created for myself & for clients over the years.
  • Deep Dive Zoom Sessions
    • 7 x 1:1 sessions
    • One session every two weeks
    • Zoom sessions are 2 hours long
    • Sessions can be recorded.
  • 4 Months of Support
    • Weekly Accountability & Goal Setting- Monday Check-Ins
    • WhatsApp Voice Note Support as needed Mon-Fri


  • €1,200 or €300 per month for 4 months
  • If this is outside your price-range, please see my free support page. Please also note you can avail of government funding towards this as part of the LEO Trading online voucher.

How to Book an Enquiry Call about the 4-Month Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring

  • If you are curious about working together for the 4 months, book a 45 minute call below to see if Holistic Business Acceleration Mentoring is a match for your current business needs and if we are a good match to work together.
  • I will ask you a series of questions to establish if what I offer and what you need are aligned.
  • If so, we can discuss working together. If not, I’ll refer you to another coach from my network. It’s all good!
4 month business mentoring

Free Support Options

Free Weekly Live Call with Me

Starting 8th November 2021, I’m offering a free weekly community support call centred around bringing together like-minded holistic business owners in Ireland to have free access to support from me and to be supported by one another too.

Westmeath, Roscommon, Longford, Offaly, Mayo

I am an official mentor with 5 Local Enterprise Offices. That means you can book three free or subsidised mentor sessions with me through those LEOs.

Trading Online Voucher

The Irish government subsidise you getting a new website and with the associated costs such as photography, marketing planning (me!), tech subscriptions and ads.

Client Session Examples

  • Working through a list of practical questions a client had about “all the things” she couldn’t figure out about starting a business. Screen-sharing practical info as we went along and identifying the right solutions for her in her situation with her tech ability.
  • Overcoming comparison and shiny object syndrome by looking at what the client’s version of success is- her values, her vision for her lifestyle, her vision for her business, her mission. Foundations for staying in her own lane.
  • Rewording a client’s webpage describing her services, tweaking her offer, viewing her page with fresh eyes and improving her ideal client’s user experience by clarifying and ironing out details, building rapport and adding authority.
  • Untangling the details of a client’s group programme and mapping it into a google document sales page for her to continue clarifying before she downloads it as a PDF to share with interested people.
  • Niching fun! Drawing out of the client the arc of the journey clients take by working with her- before and after. Articulating her approach and thereby identifying what makes her stand out from the crowd. Helping the client to see herself and her strengths more clearly by listening and reflecting back to her. We captured all of this in a google doc while we worked together so she can refer back to it. Please note that niching clarity is big work and can take a few sessions to fully solidify it.
  • Helping a client who felt really frustrated by not moving forward in his business. To identify where his time is going, we got him time tracking into his calendar. Then we identified how he would like to be spending his time each week and blocked time in his calendar for these each week. He can move them around as he pleases, but they represent how he wants to allocate his time in alignment with what a successful and balanced life & business look like for him.