Start your Holistic Business Course

A 10-Week comprehensive course guiding you through everything you need to start your holistic business

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10th October 2022- 16th December 2022 Online

This Course is for:

People who are in the early stages (years 0-2) of their journey as a: Coach, Yoga Teacher, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Energy Worker, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Counsellor, Therapist, Wellness Teacher, Holistic Health Advocates, Environmentalists or any other role that brings wellness & consciousness to others. And are feeling:

  • Lost with not knowing where to start
  • Overwhelmed trying to figure out all the business stuff
  • Not a fan of social media but afraid of tech and websites
  • Frustrated because they want to help people but have very few clients
  • Strongly guided by their intuition that they need to be doing this work in the world

As a Result of this Course, you will:

  • Feel confident telling people about your business
  • Have a beautiful website that can be found on Google locally
  • Have an easeful booking system for clients to schedule sessions/ events
  • Have all your paperwork and legalities in order
  • Be more productive because you have systems in your business
  • Have a clear business plan with a phased approach for less overwhelm
  • Know what to post on social media because your know your target audience
  • Feel more aligned because you’re doing the work you’re being called to do

3 Core Areas

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1. Business & Personal Foundations

  • Get organised & productive
  • Time & energy management for business owners
  • Information & task management
  • Create a business plan/ business vision board
  • Register your business and business name
  • Get Insurance
  • Track your finances
  • Financial projections
  • Working with clients

2. Your First Website

  • Step-by-step guidance and support to create your first website on Google Sites
  • Guidance & feedback on what to write on each page
  • Market research with your target audience
  • Your value proposition/ offerings and pricing
  • Basic branding
  • Custom email address
  • Booking calendar
  • Events calendar
  • Taking payment online
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3. Marketing

  • Marketing plan
  • Non social-media marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google business listing
  • Overcome resistance and find your authentic way to market

10 Business Education Themes

1. Get Organised & Productive

Nothing happens if nothing happens! Self-management, energy management and time management are fundamental skills to develop as a business owner. It’s not about getting up at 5am and “hustling”. It’s about finding your right way of working in your business in a way that feels good to you and is effective too. Also, information and task management really helps with managing the overwhelm.

2. Business Plan & Biz Vision Board

If you don’t know where you’re going, shiny object syndrome and Instagram comparison will make you jump from idea to idea. Instead, I’ll guide you through creating a vision for your business from inside out. I will give you an understanding of the different business models that exist and you will be guided to match your strengths and preferences with choosing a first business model.

3. Inner Work & Confidence

This course is a container for growth. It’s a vehicle for you to evolve into your next level self: the business owner version of you. Resistance will arise and there will be big wobbles and self-doubt/ overwhelm. You are growing new neural pathways as you do all the new things in your business. Your weekly zoom call with 1:1 attention will help you process and move through what arises to come out the other side.

4. Finances & Legalities

Your business needs to make money in order to sustain and support you to continue to do this important work. I will ensure you have the right information about what you need to do to be legally compliant in your business. I will show you a few different ways to track your finances with ease and most importantly, we will run the numbers to see how many clients/ sessions/ workshops equate to your target income.

5. Working with Clients

You will create your client intake form, your client contract, feedback form and testimonial form. If you’d like to have a client booking calendar, I’ll show you how to do that. We’ll talk about preparing your energy before sessions, how to tell clients if they need more than one session (package) and how to ask for referrals.

6. Target Audience & Clear Offerings

This is a big topic because your business is 100% about your clients/ customers. You need to know who you’re speaking to and what their problems/ needs are. You will interview a number of people asking specific questions that I’ll share with you to get insights and clarity on who you will work with and how you’ll explain your offer. It’s ok to have more than 1 target audience & it’s ok to change in future, but it needs to be specific and clear.

7. Professional Brand

Branding doesn’t need to be complicated, especially for us folks who are very self-aware. You already have a brand- it’s your personality, your “you-ness”. We will draw that out of you into a visual representation in terms of colours and icons. It will also be communicated in the voice and feel of your content and website. Your brand will evolve. This will be your first iteration of it.

8. Creating your First Website

Creating this first website is a way to take everything you’ve been thinking about for months/ years regarding your business and put it into a concrete shape for others to see. It is the culmination of the work you’ll do during this course. It is the central place that your marketing will lead to (traffic) and where people can buy what you offer (conversion).

9. Marketing without Social Media

Lest we forget that marketing without social media is a thing! I will fill you in on many ways to market your business without social media and you will choose your approach to marketing your business. During the course, various approaches to marketing are woven in for you to get started with in a natural way. The overall essence is that once you know your target audience, you’ll hang out where they hang out & you’ll be helpful and offer value to them.

10. Social Media Marketing

Ah social media… how to use it in a way that is sustainable for your energy?! I don’t have this answer, but I do have some things that work which I’ll share. I’ll also teach you about Facebook and Instagram and how to optimise your profiles, grow your audience and create content. The aim is to get bang from your buck with the time you spend on social media so you can limit the time you spend there.

Your First Website

  • The website you will build during this course will be on Google Sites. It is a free platform and gives you a domain similar to this: If you’d like to have a custom domain like, you will need to pay 5 euro per month to Google. This subscription will also give you a custom email address like and access to Google Meet which is a zoom alternative.
  • Google Sites has a really simple Drag ‘n Drop system to build. I have created a template that I will give you which has all the pages built in beautiful sections with prompts for what to write in each section. The work on identifying the problems of your target audience and their desired solutions will inform this greatly. You will also get personalised advice about what you write and how to tailor your site for your unique business.
  • Google Sites has some limitations (no title tags, meta tags, no sitemap, no blog mechanism, not possible to customise everything or write code).
  • I’ve used all the website builders and have settled upon Google Sites as ideal for my clients for the first 2 years of their business. During this time, you will be editing the details of your business very often as you work with more and more clients so you need a very simple platform that you are able to update by yourself with ease. Also, cost-wise, Google Sites is the best value option I’ve found at just 5 euro per month. For any limitations Google Sites has in terms of functionality, we will create a button that will lead to an external site e.g. 1:1 booking calendar, event booking calendar, mailing list subscription. We can also create a quasi-blog. In terms of SEO, we’ll get your business listed locally for keywords on Google Business Profile.
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Details of the course

  • 1 x Business Education Theme per week
    • Dedicated learning platform- everything in one place
    • Videos between 10-20 minutes
    • Weekly content up to 1 hour
  • Relevant Templates & Tools each week
    • Editable templates
    • Free or very low-priced tools
  • 1 x Group Zoom Call per week for Individual Support
    • 90 minute small group support call
    • Minimum of 10 minutes focus on each person
    • Private support available if you are stuck
  • Small Group of Likeminded People
    • 4-6 people
    • Accountability
    • WhatsApp group for group inspiration and momentum
  • Times & Dates
    • Starting the week of 10th October 2022
    • Finishes Friday 16th December 2022
    • 2 Cohorts:
      • Group 1: Thursdays 10.00am-11.30am
      • Group 2: Thursdays 7.00pm-8.30pm


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Video Lessons


Templates & Resources

Accountability & Momentum

Growth & Confidence

Testimonials from Past Students & Clients

Testimonial 1

Thanks to Ciara’s coaching, I managed to find and start working towards my true calling. She is an extremely nice person with a lovely soul who just knows how to guide you where you really need and want to be.
Nadija Bajrami
Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium, Dublin

Testimonial 2

Ciara is an excellent business mentor, so encouraging and genuine and very helpful and generous with her time! She helped me niche down my business and was so supportive with everything when working with her!
Brid Brady
The Mind Fitness Mentor, Limerick

Testimonial 3

We dug deep into my message and structure of how I wanted to communicate it. As a result, I have a website that really reflects my work, I have written blogs with Ciara’s encouragement and have new corporate and individual clients.
Teresa O’Brien
Life Coach & Healer, Roscommon


No you don’t, but you do need to be willing to learn and develop your skills which will be invaluable to you as a business owner. If there is a lot of resistance there, you will need to work through this discomfort as you develop your skills.

I mostly recommend free tools, or if they are paid, you can be sure I’ve found the best value option. Some optional costs will be: Google Sites 5 euro per month to have a custom domain, Calendar which can take payment $30 lifetime deal (free calendar if you don’t want it to take payment), domain costs up to 20 euro for the year. An automated finance tracking tool I recommend is 100 euro for the year, but I also give a free manual option. You may decide to have a 1:1 session with an accountant during the course to ask questions that are specific to your financial situation- approximate cost 70 euro or free through your Local Enterprise Office.

It depends on how “established” you feel in your business. If you feel like you want to work on your business foundations, get a first website and figure your approach to marketing, then it’s likely you’ll benefit from this course. I’ve found the business skills we need are not one-and-done, but rather skills we need to be continuously improving upon.

If you have bandwidth and time, I think it’s sensible to develop your business skills at the same time as you are developing your therapy skills. What I often see is that people qualify from their therapy course and then don’t have clients for ages so they start to lose their confidence in what they can do. Taking a structured course in business skills will enable you to feel ready to work with clients as soon as you’re qualified.

Nope! No one can or should guarantee or promise that. Also no one actually goes from 0 clients to a full roster… it happens incrementally. You will notice the people that tell such stories have been trying to make their business work for a few years and then one day their business suddenly explodes with success (and that’s the magic pill their trying to sell you).

Business and client flow takes time: time for people to know about you, to trust you, to experience your offer, to tell others about their good experience. It also takes time for you to evolve into the version of you that is an established business owner: someone who has finance skills, strategy skills, marketing skills etc. This course is the foundations and I have worked with many clients to establish their foundations and develop their skills and confidence as business owners. As a result, I’ve watched them, over time, become busier in their business, working with more clients, working more effectively and easefully. I’ve watched them run workshops, retreats, memberships, courses and to find their groove in establishing their unique and aligned business.

What I can promise you is that I give 100% to my clients. I will be there for you and in this container of support, we’ll figure the best way forward for you. I can promise that the content of this course is what has worked for me and for my clients over the years and I’ve pulled it together into the simplest, most efficient road map to business flow that I could think of. I can promise you that by the end of the course, you’ll be in a completely different place than you are now with your business and you will be well on your way to earning more, serving more clients and having an aligned successful business.

No. This course is aimed at service-based businesses. If you plan to sell a few products e.g. journaling prompts booklet as part of your service-based business, then you’re totally welcome to join the course. But if your business will be based around selling products that require shipping etc, then Google Sites is not suitable for you and therefore the course will not suit you at this time.

I assume I will. Probably in January 2023, but it’s not set in stone yet.

Feel free to send me an email at or else book at 15 minute conversation with me to help you decide if the course would be a good fit for your needs at this time.

Recap of details of the course

  • 1 x Business Education Theme per week
    • Dedicated learning platform- everything in one place
    • Videos between 10-20 minutes
    • Weekly content up to 1 hour
  • Relevant Templates & Tools each week
    • Editable templates
    • Free or very low-priced tools
  • 1 x Group Zoom Call per week for Individual Support
    • 90 minute small group support call
    • Minimum of 10 minutes focus on each person
    • Private support available if you are stuck
  • Small Group of Likeminded People
    • 4-6 people
    • Accountability
    • WhatsApp group for group inspiration and momentum
  • Times & Dates
    • Starting the week of 10th October 2022
    • Finishes Friday 16th December 2022
    • 2 Cohorts:
      • Group 1: Thursdays 10.00am-11.30am
      • Group 2: Thursdays 7.00pm-8.30pm


Here’s what you’ll need in order to get the most out of the course:

  • Time:
    • 1.5 hours: One live call per week
    • 1 hour: Watch the videos in the modules each week
    • 2 hours: Time to implement the actions from the module
  • Tech
    • A laptop that works well
    • A decent phone
  • Mindset
    • Commitment to prioritising your business during these 10 weeks
    • Willingness to overcome resistance that may arise regarding growth, tech, pricing, visibility etc.

Course Price

The total value of this course is:

  • Website: €1,000-€3,500
  • 10 Business Training Modules: €750
  • Weekly small business mentoring x 10 weeks: €500+
  • Access to daily support via Whatsapp x 10 weeks: €200+
  • Total Value: €2,450

The price for Start your Holistic Business Course is €850.

  • This can be paid in full or in 3 x monthly instalments of €290 euro. (This adds up to €870 euro to take into account the payment processor fees. I do not believe in financially penalising people who prefer not to pay in full).

Putting the price in context:

  • Many therapists charge €70 per session. This course is the equivalent of 12 client sessions
  • Many day-long retreats cost €75 per person. This course is the equivalent of having 11 participants (not counting overhead costs)
  • Many personal development 6 week courses (e.g. mindfulness etc) cost around €195. This course is the equivalent of having 5 participants

Dates & Times:

  • Starting the week of 10th October 2022
  • Finishing 16th December 2022
  • 2 Cohorts:
    • Group 1: Thursdays 10.00am-11.30am
    • Group 2: Thursdays 7.00pm-8.30pm


  • Business Training Modules
  • Templates & Tools
  • Weekly Live Group Zoom for Personalised Support
  • Accountability and Community
Paid in Full
  • Business Training Modules
  • Templates & Tools
  • Weekly Live Group Zoom for Personalised Support
  • Accountability and Community
  • Paid in Full Bonus: 1 hour private 1:1 mentoring session (value €100)

Want to discuss?

  • I understand this is an investment of your time, energy and money.
  • I’m happy to have a 15 minute chat with you if you’d like to feel into the course more.
  • You can ask any questions and we can discuss your business and where you’re at with a view to checking if the course seems like a good fit for you at this time.
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Testimonials from Past Students & Clients

Testimonial 4

Ciara achieves a great balance between having a structured approach to her coaching and intuitively allowing each session to flow naturally. The outcome of our time together has been hugely productive, and helped me formulate the structure of my company and the overall direction to take.
Danny Griffin
Rapid Transformation Therapist, Mayo

Testimonial 5

Deciding to work with Ciara has been life changing for me. I would 100% recommend Ciara…in fact, I would shout it from the rooftops. She is a power house and one person to be admired in her impactful work. As a result of working together, my wellness business has become a reality!

Testimonial 6

Before working with Ciara, I was going around in circles and just totally stuck in my own head. Ciara was friendly, warm, supportive and encouraging in her approach and managed, somehow, to give me real clarity; clarity in my client journey, clarity for my website, clarity in my service offer and clarity in what specifically was holding me back. I wish I’d found her months ago.
Sarah Coulson
Endometriosis Coach