Tools I recommend

Here are most of the tools I use/ my clients use. Most are free tools with optional upgrades. Some of the links are affiliate links which means that if you create an account using my link and end up upgrading in future, the company will credit me a small amount. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

PS YOU DON’T NEED ALL OF THESE NOW- Be careful of tech rabbit holes!

  • MailerLite– Email marketing- simple and easy to use
  • Milkshake App on your phone or Taplink– a quasi mini website for people to click through from your FB or Instagram. Similar to LinkTree, but you can upgrade to have videos/ more info. Cannot be found you Google. A short-term solution before you have a website.
  • Google Sites & Google Workspace– to build a website cheaply and get our custom email address too. Very easy to use.
  •– to build a website- medium learning curve. Great free email tech support & help documents.
  • Best place to install this in a hassle free way is No Hassle Websites
  • Green Eco Hosting if you decide to go with the more complex Big and ongoing learning curve.
  •– to make professional looking graphics
  • Creative Market– an amazing place for templates for powerpoint slides, ebooks, canva graphics for Instagram, for logos and graphics. Warning- easy to get carried away!
  • LastPass– for remembering all your passwords and generating strong passwords.
  • – to block distracting websites and block all apps and websites at scheduled times (e.g. evening!). Also, you can play bird song/ office background noise through it which I find helpful when working online.
  • Calendly – a scheduling software for clients to book, pay for sessions & editable email reminders before and after a session. App Sumo often has cheaper life time deals for calendars
  • Cronometer– a free app for tracking your food which tells you the nutrients and vitamins you are getting and you are missing. Used by alot of nutritionists. Useful for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Free Photos
  • Learning:
    • Skillshare– you join as a member and can take any and all courses they have available. a great place to learn about your area of expertise and about business, tech and your hobbies too or to get ideas about course creation in your niche. Skillshare courses are quite short. is also wonderful. and courses are longer.
  • To host online courses:
    • Simply use Google Drive and Unlisted Youtube Videos
    • Membervault– 100 course participants for free. Good place to start.
    • – You can get lifetime access to this for free by joining the Wandering Aimfully community which I’m part of. It opens for enrolment a few times a year or email me for an invitation to join any time.
    • and– expensive but good looking & very easy to use. 
    • Learndash- if you have a WordPress website and want a plugin to have your course area directly on your website. Only for tech people. Learn from WPCrafter on YouTube
  • To host an online community:
    • Mighty Networks– a place to set up your online community- like having a Facebook of your very own- a forum, member profiles and area for your courses. I think it’s ok- a little clunky
    • for forum space with different forum topics. I like this alot.