Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching

1-to-1 coaching for Holistic Business owners who want to:

  • Have more clients & income
  • Build their social media following
  • Show up confidently online
  • Have a clear & personalised business roadmap
  • Communicate their offer clearly
  • Know their niche inside out
  • Master the tech they need for their online business

…who are fed up with:

  • Overwhelm with trying to understand all the business systems and technology
  • Not knowing what to post on social media
  • Having hardly any clients or income
  • Feeling the frustration of having an amazing gift to share with the world but not having the business knowledge to attract clients.

The Benefits of Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching

We will create a personalised roadmap for your unique business. I will help you evaluate all your ideas (courses/ 1-to-1’s/ workshops etc.) and figure out which part of your business to accelerate first.

You will have a way to attract a steady stream of clients & income. You will learn which daily activities you need to do that result in daily enquiries. No more staring at your Instagram and wondering what to post.

A proven system: Understand which order you need to do things in- no more overwhelm trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle by yourself.

You will have support for the rocky days. I know it’s hard. You don’t have to do this alone. You’re here to serve clients, not get a business masters! This support will enable you to spend more time in your zone of genius.

A heart-centred approach to business- non sleazy sales & marketing strategies. Serving clients and operating from the right energy.

You will develop a professional presence online & get support for all your tech challenges. Save time trying to figure out which platforms to choose and why. Save money and effort by making the right choices from the start.

Here are some of the things I’ve helped my clients achieve


Ciara is one in a million. She has a deep intuitive way of creating the perfect coaching space, in which transformation can happen. In my 4 coaching sessions with Ciara I have learned things about myself I was not aware of and I have also been able to face and overcome some fears and limiting beliefs.
Esther Fernández, Meath
Presence Coach

My True Calling

Ciara is an extremely nice person with a lovely soul who just knows how to guide you where you really need and want to be. Thanks to Ciara’s coaching, I managed to find and start working towards my true calling. Thank you very much Ciara, keep spreading the good coaching vibes. I wish you all the very best! X
Nadija Bajrami, Dublin
Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium @nadija.bajrami

Started my Business

I have been to so many seminars, workshops and personal development courses, but the impact Ciara has had on my life with my business and personal development has been immeasurable. The results I have gotten in just 4 months are out of this world. I started my business instagram & advertised my first workshop after only 2 sessions with Ciara.
Laura, Co. Offaly
Wellness Coach

Here’s what I can help you with:

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. I believe in supporting you to bring into the world what your inner guidance is guiding you towards. Each client’s path is unique. All of our work will be centred around moving you in the direction of serving more clients and spreading more light in the world.

1: Solid Foundations

  • Personalised Roadmap for your business: A step-by-step plan unique to your business.
  • Connect with your bigger picture, your mission, your why, your message. Ensure your business aligns with the lifestyle & impact you want.
  • Programme your Mind for ease and growth

2: Offer Creation

  • Choosing a Niche you align with
  • Offer creation
  • Pricing your Offer & choosing your Payment System
  • Creating a Lead Magnet (Freebie) to build your Email List
  • Branding, Logo creation and Photos
  • Website, Authority Building & Social Proof

3: Client Attraction

  • Growing your audience on social media
  • Establishing a Client Attraction System
  • Building your community with ideal clients
  • Content Planning and Scheduling
  • Content Writing Skills & Strategy
  • Converting social media followers into clients
  • Sales Calls Structure

4: Reflect & Optimise

  • Serve Clients and get amazing results for them
  • Optimise & Improve your offer
  • Automate Systems to free up your time
  • Review your metrics: your client’s results, your audience size, your earnings & time management
  • Return to phase 1 to build your next product offering

Case Study: Lydia Clery, Wellness Mentor & Neuroscience Coach

I would like to talk about the powerful coaching experiences I have had since starting sessions 4 months ago. When we had our first session I knew where I wanted to go in business but didn’t know where to start. My head was spinning with so many ideas of things but I didn’t know which to do first and I was crippled with fear.

Ciara helped me realise all the skills I have that I’d forgotten about. This gave me so much confidence. We did out a plan together where I decided step-by-step what I’d do in 2020 to get started. I immediately started my instagram business page and advertised my first vision board workshop. I then completed my training as a Reiki Practitioner and set up my practice. I am also due to qualify as a Life Coach soon. My wellness business has become a reality!

Deciding to work with Ciara has been life changing for me. I would 100% recommend Ciara…in fact, I would shout it from the rooftops. She is a power house and one person to be admired in her impactful work.

Lydia Clery, My Sunshine Well, Wellness Mentor & Neuroscience Coach, Mullingar, Westmeath. @mysunshinewell

How to Book a Session

Single Sessions

Pick my Brain & Get Unstuck for a 1 hour or 2 hour session on:

  • Strategy,
  • Niche,
  • Marketing,
  • Webdesign,
  • Tech Solutions,
  • Structures and Systems,
  • Pricing,
  • Social Media
  • Overwhelm & Fear
  • Email Lists
  • Membership Groups
  • Branding
  • Blogging
  • Business Metrics
  • Client Attraction System

Pre-call questions, written follow-up notes and accountability check-ins are not part of these sessions. If you would like those, the 3 month programme would be a better fit.

1 hour Pick My Brain: €97
2 hour Deep Dive: €145


3-Month Accelerator Programme

  • 1-to1 Coaching
  • Each client is unique. We start our coaching with a two hour session focused on mapping out your unique business path in the short, medium and long-term.
  • We then identify specific desired outcomes for our 3 month working together. Clients have found that this roadmap has given them a huge amount of clarity, alignment and focus.
  • Deep dive 2 hour coaching sessions working on your each of the areas you identified wanting to focus on. You will have clear actionable steps to take between calls
  • High level of support: Access to me between sessions by voice message/ email so you don’t stay stuck.
  • Detailed Notes after sessions with links to material which continues your personal and business development between sessions.
  • Accountability and momentum.
  • Membership of The Holistic Business Collective (weekly group call) during this period (worth €90)

Schedule a 30 minute call below to see if Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching is a match for your business needs. I will ask you a series of questions to establish if what I offer and what you need are aligned. If so, we can discuss working together. If not, I’ll refer you to another coach from my network. It’s all good!

Enquiry Call: € 0.
Programme Investment: € 950


A Holistic Approach to Business:
A Framework based on the Wisdom of Nature

It’s overwhelming trying to figure out what you should be focusing on in your business. There’s just so much to do and it’s hard to know where to actually start. I have developed a system to remove the overwhelm. Taking the wisdom of nature as my framework, the process I work through with clients works through the seasons as explained below. Some clients will be primarily focused on winter and sowing the seeds for their business, other clients will be more focused on summer and the outward energy of client attraction. Wherever you’re at currently, my coaching is a strong support which will help you move forward in your business with more alignment and ease.

Roots: Vision & Mindset
Trunk: Offer
Branches: Marketing
Leaves: Clients

… Which season is your business in right now?

Winter: You’re doing a lot of inner work

Winter is a time of deep inner work, reflection and awareness. Our focus here is around forming your vision for your lifestyle and business, connecting with your mission, your values, your message you want to share with the world. We will then put your project ideas into order (courses, workshops, digital products, 1-to-1 offerings, all the ideas!!) and choose which part of your business to focus on and accelerate first.

Spring: You’re creating your offer

During Spring, we create. We get clarity on who you serve, which problem(s) you solve and we create a solution that your ideal clients will love. We work on the wording, we choose the price point and the features of the service you offer. We communicate your unique brand and essence and we prepare a professional online presence for clients to find you.

Summer: You’re marketing your services

During Summer, we tell people about your amazing offer. There are so many ways to “advertise” your services (social media, youtube, ads, networking, posters, events, talks, podcasts, blogging, collaborations, webinars etc). I reduce all that overwhelm and help you choose the most effective way for your unique business. I teach you all things tech and help with your confidence around visibility during this phase too.

Autumn: You’re serving clients & optimising

Autumn is when we enjoy the harvest. You are serving clients and gaining a lot of client experience. We will tweak your processes to ensure amazing client results and satisfaction. We will optimise your systems so that client attraction becomes more automated. When this part of your business feels like it’s flowing with ease, you will then move into a new cycle of Winter to start creating your next offering.

Whichever phase you’re in right now, I will support you to move towards serving more clients and earning a steady income doing what you love.

Here’s what I’ve helped my clients achieve

Clarity & Direction

I’ve gained immense clarity and direction from working with Ciara. In the past few months, I have completed my reiki practitioner course and have started my business!! I always loved Reiki and felt connected to it but was in fear of what others would think. Ciara helped me tap into my “why” and my fear lessened and excitement grew.
Sarah, Dublin
Reiki Practitioner

Tough Decisions

Ciara is a fantastic coach. She worked with me through several tough decisions and I have made amazing progress since then! Ciara is warm and encouraging and asks all the right questions to encourage you to achieve your goals. After our session I was amazed to have a new outlook on my life goals and felt much more able to achieve them.
Rena Sinnott, Dublin
Mindfulness Coach

Inspiring Confidence

I would most definitely recommend Ciara as a coach. She is encouraging, positive and motivating whilst by no means being pushy or invasive. She helped to guide me to set out clear, focused and attainable goals, aswell as inspiring confidence in myself that I can achieve this. I had been spinning my wheels and going in circles before working with Ciara, but since gaining clarity & really working on my confidence, I’ve made so much progress.
Caroline, Co. Cork


 It is simply amazing the amount of change that I experienced with just a few sessions. I gained more focus, drive and positive results in my professional and personal life. And my productivity has gone up the roof!  The sessions are enjoyable but Ciara makes sure that the aims and outcomes are clear and she is very clear in properly formulating aims and objectives. She also follows up on past sessions so that good habits are reinforced.
Fabio, Dublin
Employee & Martial Artist

Getting Unstuck

Before I started working with Ciara, I was overwhelmed by my attempts to figure out the right niche for my business. I had come up with many potential target market groups but not making a decision on one was thwarting my progress. Ciara’s ability to listen, interpret and give feedback on my specific challenge really blew me away. It gave me new insight in order to overcome the challenge & it confirmed for me how beneficial the work of a Life Coach like Ciara is
Sarah Hearty, Co. Galway
Public Speaking and Communications Coach @heartyhumans.com

Ciara “got me”

I’ve had a few different coaches now at this point but to be perfectly honest, nobody “got me” as much as I felt Ciara did. She is so warm, calm and approachable and I felt at ease straight away with her. She is extremely perceptive at reading people, proactive at helping you come up with solutions. She shone a torch on what was going on in my mind that I hadn’t been able to quite figure out myself. I highly recommend Ciara as a coach. Quite frankly, I won’t be going to anyone else for any more coaching sessions!
Máire Walshe
Nurse & Life Coach

Case Study: Suzanne Hogan, Yoga Teacher & Alternative Therapist

Before I went to Ciara I was confused about how to take all of my ideas regarding a change of career and make them work. I was feeling overwhelmed and at times a little helpless. Through working with Ciara, I realised in the first session that I had judgements around money and my own abundance which we worked through with positive exercises.

As a result of the coaching, I now have a solid ten year plan that is achievable and not at all overwhelming and very abundant. I am already seeing magic unfold in my life with an increase in my yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions! I found working with Ciara life-changing and I would recommend a life-coaching session with her each and every time you are at a crossroads in your life.

Suzanne Hogan, Synergy and Light Yoga and Alternative Therapies, Athlone. www.synergyandlight.com


Ciara is a wonderful human being. She’s authentic and genuinely curious about her clients well-being; and helping them discover what to prioritise in order to manage challenging situations and avoid overwhelm.
Mary Coleman, Cork


Ciara coordinates the setting up of residential meditation courses for 80 students in which I volunteer. Ciara is someone you call if you need something done and if you need someone to talk to, she brings clarity, efficiency and kindness to the situation.

Lack of Direction

Before working with Ciara, I knew I wanted to start a wellness business but hadn’t even said it out loud to anyone. I didn’t know what my skills were or how exactly I could help people. Ciara did many exercises with me to dig deep, recognise my uniqueness and identify my strengths as the basis for my business. I gained huge confidence & self-belief & realised I had so much to offer. I’ve since started my business & am so grateful to Ciara for her support.
Linda, Westmeath
Mindfulness Teacher