1-hour Tech Lesson

Practical tech lessons on zoom where I will walk you through how to do things online for your business. Recording provided for you to use as a reference

  • Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Linked In: practical training. Scheduling social media, using hashtags correctly. Social Media Graphics
  • Video creation for social media or for YouTube. YouTube channel creation.
  • Set up your email list, create your lead magnet/ freebie.
  • Decide which platform to build your website on. Edit your website if you are stuck
  • Start a blog or podcast.
  • Take payment online. Online event creation.
  • Get organised- digital information management systems
  • Other things: just ask

Note: These 1-hour sessions are not suitable for strategy, just tech. If you would like to discuss strategy, please book a 2-hour session

1-hour Session. Price: €70

2-hour Deep Dive Coaching Session

  • Niche: Who is my ideal client? What problems do I help with?
  • Personal Branding: How do I capture what I’m about into words?
  • Social Media Marketing: What kind of content should I post? How do I “get” clients from social media?
  • Non-Social Media Strategy: I hate social media-What other marketing approaches can I take?
  • Structure & Strategy for your business: I’m overwhelmed and need to plan out my projects, income and marketing for the coming months.

These sessions can combine coaching and mentoring. You come to the session with something you are stuck with and we will get clarity on it. You will walk away with clear action steps and new thinking. Note: These sessions do not include accountability or written follow-up notes. If you would like those, please see the 3-month coaching package.

2-hour Session. Price: €135

3-Month Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching

  • 1-to1 Coaching
  • Each client is unique. We start our coaching with a two hour session focused on mapping out your unique business path in the short, medium and long-term.
  • We then identify specific desired outcomes for our 3 month working together. Clients have found that this roadmap has given them a huge amount of clarity, alignment and focus.
  • 7 x 2 hour coaching sessions working on your each of the areas you identified wanting to focus on. You will have clear actionable steps to take between calls
  • High level of support: Access to me between sessions by voice message/ email so you don’t stay stuck.
  • Detailed Notes after sessions with links to material which continues your personal and business development between sessions.
  • Accountability and momentum.

Schedule a 30 minute call below to see if Holistic Business Accelerator Coaching is a match for your business needs. I will ask you a series of questions to establish if what I offer and what you need are aligned. If so, we can discuss working together. If not, I’ll refer you to another coach from my network. It’s all good!

Enquiry Call: FREE
Package Investment: € 925