I don’t know how to “sell myself”

This is something I hear from clients all the time. And it makes me feel sad. The phrase “selling myself” feels like it has an undercurrent of “selling out” or putting on a show for other people’s approval & also kind of makes me think of prostitution. So I want to reframe the ickyness of that phrase in this post.⠀

First off, you don’t need to sell yourself. What you’re selling is the service you offer. And yes indeed you need to a) find your way of telling people about it, and b) figure out why you’re different to other people also offering your service. ⠀

Here’s my advice on how to do that. It starts with niche and having a clearly defined <<journey of transformation>> that you take clients on. People always think niche is about demographics… it’s not, it’s also sociographics, but mainly it’s about naming the transformation- the “before” & “after”. So in summary, start with identifying the journey your client will take by working with you.⠀

Next, identify your <<perspective>> on what you believe is the best way for people to make that journey. E.g. I help mothers who are stressed to feel calm. Perspective options 1) Mindfulness & tools to feel peaceful even when there’s chaos 2) Tools & techniques to get organised and evaluate priorities and values – do less, be more 3) self-care personal habits around exercise, nutrition & time out.⠀

Those are 3 very different prescriptions to the same ailment. Going a step further on this; I would advise you to imagine you are offering a course to your ideal clients and sharing all your best tips and tools they’ll need for their journey. Write the module titles of your imaginary course. THESE are your gold. These are the things you “sell” and talk about in your marketing, on your website, in your conversations. These are the things that help your ideal client realise that you’ve just put words on the exact help that they want.⠀

Sell your perspective, your framework, your approach to the transformation… not yourself. Drop an emoji below if you are done with the phrase “I don’t know how to sell myself”⠀

And if you want help to identify your niche, transformation or approach, book a 2-hour deep dive call with me.