How to Start Teaching Online Courses

Do you want to teach online courses but don’t know where/ how to start? Here are some tips.⠀

1. Don’t plan your whole course & create it in an untested vacuum.

No matter how great your vision is, there’s no way you can anticipate how students will ingest what you’re teaching, the problems they will encounter, the gaps in your explanations etc. Therefore you NEED live feedback whilst teaching something for the first time.⠀

2. Start running your course with a LIVE group

Even though your vision may be to have an online self-study course, START with running your course LIVE teaching a small group of real students. In this way, you will be able to hear their questions and experience of learning what you’re teaching. You will be able to iron out the creases in your course before releasing it in a bigger way. You will be able to get testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing before your properly launch your course. You will get alot of personal confidence through seeing how beneficial your courses is to people and this will really help your ability to tell others about your course confidently.⠀

3. Run your course a number of times

Consider running your course a a number of times with groups until you are really satisfied with the consistency of results you see the course students getting. Then you can record the video modules.⠀

4. Two different ways you can prepare the course content

When offering your course LIVE, you might decide to prepare the modules in detail before starting and tweak them as you deliver them OR… You might decide to map out just the title of each weekly module and then plan each week in more depth a few days before you’re due to teach it. This approach is co-creative & makes sure you’re meeting your students where they are at (and not where you THINK they are at.)⠀

5. Make sure there is a live component to your online course

Finally, consider the number of online courses you’ve bought & haven’t finished… (I’ve bought ALOT!). Therefore, consider having some level of interaction with YOU, the facilitator: a fbook group/ forum, a weekly check-in group call, a sense of community alongside the regular video modules.⠀

If you need help plotting out your online course- modules, marketing, tech (yummy!), dm me to book a session and we can dive into it. January might be a nice time to launch!