Google within yourself to access your Intuition, Inner knowing and Mental Spaciousness

Your answers are within you
Hear them.
Listen within.
Ask yourself things, then wait for the answer.
Trust & heed the answer.

We’re constantly bombarded with more information, more options, more choices, more things we could read, learn, watch, MORE and MORE INFORMATION.

Because our attention is gold.
Everyone wants it.
Read my article.
Watch my video.
Do my course.
Read my post (ironic I know).
Look at this.
You need this.
You’ll love this.
Because it will change your life.
Etc. Etc.

No one tells you to switch off the information. No one tells you to have empty time. No one tells you to have mental spaciousness. No one tells you to actively do nothing. Because there’s no money to be made from that.

But I’m telling you today that what we really need is to bring our attention back within ourselves. Allow boredom.
Allow spacing out.
Allow mental spaciousness.

Because that is where the magic happens.
The insights come.
The brainwaves pop into your head.
The clarity comes unexpectedly.
Your inner guidance has a chance to be heard rather than be drowned out.

Within the spaciousness, the computer system of you has a chance to assimilate all the information you’ve consumed with the experiences you’ve had in life, with the reality of your current situation, with your interests, with your hopes & dreams.

It assimilates the information. It gives the next step. It guides you in the right direction for you. It’s uniquely right for you. It’s like a personalised google system that will only work if you give it time & space to be heard.

Does this resonate with you? Comment below and share your experience.